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Senior Software Engineer, Accessibility


Amsterdam, Berlin, Remote EMEA,NETHERLANDS

About the Team:
At Miro, we understand that teams include people of different backgrounds, experiences, and access needs — so we strive to give everyone an opportunity to collaborate. The Accessibility team at Miro is working towards removing the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from participating fully in the collaboration process.

Our approach is based on three key pillars:
- Compliance: Ensure Miro complies with all relevant legislation and guidance around accessibility.
- Sustainability: Ensure all Mironeers have the tools and knowledge required to ensure that we don't introduce new accessibility issues into the product development process.
- Innovation: Unlock canvas accessibility by providing a usable experience for people with disabilities.

About the Role:
The Miro accessibility team is pushing the boundaries of what is possible with assistive technologies, current browser technologies and HTML elements such as canvas. In this role, you will have the opportunity to balance traditional accessibility knowledge and requirements (such as compliance with WCAG 2.2 AA) with the opportunity to innovate and influence the future of collaboration tools by following a user-centered design methodology that places users at the center.

This is not a typical accessibility role, in that we often need to implement common accessibility features from scratch - for example, when considering keyboard navigation, our team had to write the algorithm to determine which element focus should move to next when the user presses the Tab key, in an unlimited space, real-time collaborative environment.

What you’ll do:
- Research and implement technical approaches to improve canvas accessibility across a range of assistive technologies.
- Provide guidance and support to teams across Miro to ensure features are accessible from launch.
- Lead the development of features that help Miro users create accessible experiences.
- Help Miro users create boards and templates that are fully accessible
- Design and drive technical solution highlighting risks, alternative solutions and architectural tradeoffs
- Identify gaps in designs or architecture related to team goals
- Seek feedback, think creatively, embrace change, and have a drive for continuous innovation.

What you’ll need:
- Experience in working on development teams in product / SaaS companies
- Expert knowledge and experience of accessibility and web standards such as WCAG, ARIA
- Experience using at least one of the following assistive technologies: JAWS, NVDA and/or VoiceOver
- Knowledge and understanding of how people with disabilities interact with assistive technologies.
- Experience with modern web-stack development (Javascript or TypeScript, Webpack, React and React Native) in complex web applications
- Excellent communication skills with the ability to build relationships and work across a wide range of teams

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