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Looking for a UX a11y expert to join a team bridging a medically complex team to the Wolfram universe

mPwrWare (11994808) Canada Inc


This job is expired.

Hello, I’m seeking an accessibility designer who could help move this excellent project forward to connect my mentally sharp but medically complex teenage son to the Wolfram computational infrastructure.

I already have an education expert, post-grad mathematician and Wolfram programmer on board, but we are waiting for a designer to join us to round out the team.

Make beautiful tech that looks awesome on a resume.

Help bridge a sharp young mind with a broken body to cutting-edge technology that could propel him far forward in his life.

Not familiar with Wolfram? Check out plain-language searches on Alpha to get a taste, as Alpha is built with the Wolfram language.

Details :

And, in your cover letter, please quote the phrase "a11y rules" because I want detail-oriented candidates who read a job posting to the very end.

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