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Front-End Developer (Web Accessibility)


Seattle, Washington,US

Front End Developer (Web Accessibility)

Engineering & Tech Ops | Seattle, Washington

Create never-been-done-before technological solutions to complex, global challenges that impact millions of people and businesses.

Position Summary 

DocuSign’s Product Engineering team is looking for an accomplished Accessibility Engineer to help ensure all of our products are web accessible. The developer will embed themselves in individual teams, teach best practices across the organization, and implement tooling to assist with writing quality, accessible code.

This position is an Individual and reports to Development Manager, Product Engineering.


Assess the current state of accessibility within our applications and build execution plans to bring them in compliance with WCAG
Embed yourself in engineering teams workflows
Provide guidance to the user experience team so new designs meet accessibility requirements
Create tooling with the QA team to quickly catch accessibility mistakes in future code
Host informational sessions to further educate the product engineering organization including developers, designers, QA, and product managers

Basic Qualifications

5+ years of front-end development experience
3+ years of experience with modern JavaScript (React, Angular, ….)
2+ years more years of experience building WCAG compliant web applications
Experience developing reusable accessibility tooling or libraries for use in a larger organization
Experience with Agile development

Preferred Qualifications

Solid understanding of assistive technologies and screen readers such as JAWS and NVDA
Deep expertise of WCAG accessibility requirements and solutions
Familiarity with ARIA and knowledge of code implementations
Experience building large scale JavaScript applications
Ability to collaborate and work across multiple projects and teams
Ability to come up with unique solutions using ARIA, HTML, and Javascript
Engineering & Tech Ops @DocuSign

We like to think about complex, global challenges that cross cultures and legal jurisdictions and that impact millions of people and businesses. We hire people with a broad set of skills, and they are working on how to create never-been-done-before solutions that scale. We are creating revolutionary solutions that change the way people work, live and connect … and we see our work go live. We see its impact.

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