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Staff Product Designer - Accessibility Lead


Palo Alto, California,US

As the lead of the newly formed accessibility and inclusive design team, you’ll be leading accessibility efforts across all of VMware. You are focused on education, evangelism, and building a community around accessibility. You have a passion for it and a drive to builda more inclusive user experiencefor all of VMware’s customers.

The team

As a company, we deeply care about building products for all our customers. Our commitment to accessibility is deep in our rootsand matches our values. Tostrengthenthis commitment and streamline our efforts and impact, we’re building a dedicated and independent accessibility team within the design platform team working closely with our design ops and design system teamsas well as engineering and product management teams across the company.

What you’ll be doing:

Setup the foundation for an accessibility team within VMware working closely with our design system, design ops, and the rest of the product design team.
Build a central source of truth for education, training, and certification around accessibility for designers, engineers, and product managers.
Work closely with product designers to better understand the types of experiences we’re designing. Your goal should be not just to inject accessibility in but to make sure it is at the foundation of what we do. We shouldbuildbetter products because of accessibility not just looking to adhere to a set of basic guidelines.
Work closely with the engineering and product management leadership teams to align our product roadmap and strategy with our responsibilities when it comes to accessibility.
Educate, advise, and document best practices.
Work closely with product designers, as well as the wider team, to create a movement for accessibility within VMware. Your focus will be on creating “accessibility champions” across the company who understand the role accessibility plays in building better products andhave the ability tochannel you and your team in their own product teams.

The skills:

You're an experienced leader who’s either led teams, projects, or both.
You have led or played a key role in accessibility initiatives.
You’re an experienced designer with a track record of building excellent user experiences. You have the passion for accessibility and a deep understanding of the user experience and design process.
Storytelling - ability to tell simple user stories illustrating solutions.
Excellent oral and written communication, presentation, and analytical skills.
Agile, adaptable, and capable of shaping the scope and focus or your project to larger business needs.
Good aesthetic sense and attention to details.

Design at VMware:

We're a dedicated team that moves fast, upholds design quality, values consistency and simplicity, and focuses on customers and their needs. We work together and value "we" over "me". We believe in inclusion both within our team and in thewaywe build products and make that clear in the way we hire, design, and execute. We value growth and encourage, not just respect, our differences. We're the organization to "get it done" together. We're not afraid to make new mistakes, learn from them, and grow together as a team and an organization.

We love what we do and build products that are used by hundreds of thousands of productive individuals and organizations around the world.

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