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Accessibility Auditor


Minneapolis, MN - Prefer To Have In Office,USA

This job is expired.

About Us
We provide accessibility audits, remediation support and ongoing monitoring for companies large and small. Our diverse team brings a breadth of experience in accessibility, web development, marketing, sales and technology that is focused on making websites and mobile apps more accessible for all people.

The Position
In this position, you will be at the core of our day-to-day operations, helping identify issues with websites, mobile applications and other digital assets for our customers. You will also help with the ‘artistry’ of audits, helping our customers fix these issues in a way that is not only compliant but intuitive and usable. Once customers websites have been fixed you will help determine whether these efforts have brought these assets into compliance with website and other accessibility standards. You will confirm that the remediation was done in a way that is not only compliant but intuitive and usable. The ideal candidate for this position has a web development background with a strong knowledge of html and CSS.

Our teams typically consist of a pair of auditors. One auditor is doing the screen reader portion of the audit. This person is typically blind and technically proficient in order to identify issues found within a site. The other person is handling keyboard-only, color contrast and related accessibility issues. This person is also helping the screen reader auditor to identify other visual issues that may not be readily apparent.

Because we work in pairs, many of these skills can be in either auditor but do not necessarily need to be in both.

-The following skills and qualifications are required:
Proficient in HTML and CSS and some Javascript
Ability to quickly identify, replicate and report issues with fixes made on a web page and verify fixes
Ability to design and follow test plans, scenarios, scripts or procedures
Ability to document problems, using a tracking system, and report defects to auditors or remediators
Ability to monitor error resolution and track fixes
An understanding of the web development life cycle
Solid intuition for what constitutes a good user experience
Self-starter, cooperative, detail-oriented person who thrives in a startup atmosphere
Ability to independently learn new technologies and concepts
And we’d love it if you had one or more of these:
Experience testing web sites and web applications
Web front-end development experience
Web back-end development experience
An understanding of how a screen reader user navigates a web page
An understanding of how a keyboard-only user navigates a web page
An understanding of the difficulties faced by people with visual impairments such as color contrast, font-sizing and others

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