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Accessibility Program Manager


Santa Clara, CA,US

At Chegg, we start by putting students first. Our mission is to help students of all abilities feel confident with their coursework, ace their classes and enter the workforce, empowered. According to National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), over 19% of the undergraduates reported having a disability.

To succeed in our vision, we need to make sure that our products can be used by anyone, including people who use assistive technology.

As Chegg’s Accessibility Program Manager, you will work alongside our Product, Design, and Engineering teams, enabling them to create and deliver products that meet or exceed Chegg’s Accessibility standards – currently WCAG 2.1 AA. You will coordinate the necessary knowledge; selection of tools and resources teams should leverage to deliver accessibly compliant products. With the help of vendors, you will establish and run training programs to ensure our Product Teams are knowledgeable about what the standards are and how to leverage tools and resources to build accessible products. This role also includes forming and building an accessibility champions community, serving as a subject matter expert for cross-functional teams, maintaining our knowledge base around designing and building for accessibility, as well as introducing or enhancing processes that will help Chegg to remain compliant and certified at meeting accessibility standards and best practices.

The right candidate will bring a depth of knowledge and expertise around WCAG accessibility standards for digital consumer-facing products, have experience partnering with and empowering product, design, and engineering teams cross-functionally to create accessible products, a history of selecting and championing third-party tools and vendors for everyday use, and skilled at getting things done using a combination of creativity, communication, and people skills.

In this position you will:

· Work with Product Teams (Product, Design, and Engineering) and collaborate with cross-functional stakeholders in Marketing, Business, Legal, and Customer Support to drive our Accessibility program. You will be the glue that holds it all together, ensuring that our cross-functional teams run efficiently from end to end and deliver products that meet WCAG AA standards.

· Identify areas of improvement in the current product development process with regards to Accessibility and develop processes or identify tools that will solve and scale across all Chegg products and teams globally.

· Facilitate meetings, workshops, and forums to drive the goals of the Accessibility program, ensuring that individual members of Product Teams are knowledgeable and empowered to create and deliver products that meet Accessibility standards.

· Select, manage, and engage teams with third-party tools and vendors that will aid Product Team members in their understanding of Accessibility guidelines, and the implementation of standards.

· Lead Product Teams through regular compliance checks and certifications, ensuring our products and services are and remain compliant with the standards of WCAG AA standards across all products and platforms both domestically and globally.

· Be a champion, mentor, and subject matter expert for Product Team members when seeking answers, direction, or advice on how to create Accessibly compliant products & services.

· Provide updates and present to senior leadership regularly.

We are looking for candidates that have:

· Bachelor's degree with 8 years of related industry experience, or master’s degree with 2 years of experience in Business Administration, Computer Science, HCI, or related fields

· Self-motivated, independent, organized, and proactive; highly responsive, flexible, and adaptable

· Communicates to inform, share, improve, and maintain an open dialogue

· A track record of leading and championing Accessibility programs that deliver products that are compliant with guidelines.

· Subject matter expertise in WCAG and EN 301 549 (EU) standards

· Culture fit for Chegg: positive attitude, high productivity, intellectual curiosity, kindness, and team-oriented.

· Interest and/ or passion particularly in the space of education and learning. An affinity for our mission of “helping students save time, save money, and get smarter.”

If this could be you, please apply!

Why do we exist?

Students are working harder than ever before to stabilize their future. Our recent research study called State of the Student shows that nearly 3 out of 4 students are working to support themselves through college and 1 in 3 students feel pressure to spend more than they can afford. We founded our business on provided affordable textbook rental options to address these issues. Since then, we’ve expanded our offerings to supplement many facets of higher educational learning through Chegg Study, Chegg Math, Chegg Writing, Chegg Internships, Thinkful Online Learning, and more to support students beyond their college experience. These offerings lower financial concerns for students by modernizing their learning experience. We exist so students everywhere have a smarter, faster, more affordable way to student.

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