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Accessibility Engineer - QA

APN Consulting Inc.

New York City,USA

This job is expired.

A11y Engineer – QA. is responsible for supporting and equipping our engineering quality assurance teams to ensure successful delivery of our accessible digital products. This person will be supporting all aspects of integrating accessibility into manual and automated testing:

• Partner with Engineering QA in building A11y into manual and automated testing by:
• helping understand how users experience products using Assistive Technology
• helping understand what to test for and how to test to ensure feature functionality meets A11y AC (Acceptance Criteria).
• manually testing key feature functionality to ensure A11y AC is met.
• Partner with Engineering QA during testing, ensuring A11y AC is being met by:
• ensuring feature functionality has A11y AC written / available
• helping engineering QA team understand the A11y AC.
• answering technical how-to questions on testing A11y for Web, IOS & Android apps.
• helping engineering QA test and validate A11y AC.
• Support 3rd-Party Audits by:
• reviewing 3rd-Party findings, test results
• re-test, verify reported findings if reported issue is questionable
• create A11y user stories, defects for A11y findings
• help triage, prioritize A11y issues with product and provide A11y context, guidance on how to remediate A11y findings.
• Analyze validation test results looking for
• training opportunities
• engineering methods needing correction
• components needing a11y refinements
• processes lacking appropriate a11y support.
• Attend relevant stand-ups and status meetings.

Unicorn Responsibilities
• Bring a depth of development and technical knowledge that complements and strengthens a culture beginning to apply a11y practices in design, engineering and QA.
• Apply accessibility knowledge to a wide range of client digital properties including but not limited to responsive websites, mobile applications, hybrids and digital documents.
• Stay up-to-date on current and existing trends in the accessibility space.
• Partner with Design A11y, Design System teams and Engineering A11y Leads to develop, promote the adoption and integration of accessibility policies, procedures, and standards.

• Ability to think from an end-user perspective
• Commitment to meeting high expectations of end users
• Solid experience testing with all common screen readers (JAWS, NVDA, MAC/IOS VoiceOver, TalkBack), keyboard only, and other assistive technology.
• Ability to interpret and advise on standards, principles and techniques for meeting accessibility success criteria (including WCAG 2.0 AA, WCAG 2.1 AA, and WAI-ARIA)
• Ability to partner with various cross-functional teams for direction and consistency
• Providing leadership when necessary
• Excellent organizational and communication skills
• Familiarity with Responsive Web Design and mobile apps
• Fluency in the software development lifecycle
• Strong understanding of supporting products in a SAFe environment specifically how current/future work is scheduled to come through planning, design, engineering and 3rd-party validation efforts
• Knowledge of Rally, Teams, Confluence and other cooperation tools

Preferred Skills
• Ability to train and coach colleagues on various accessibility topics
• Ability to promote and share the importance of accessibility
• Understanding the overlap between user experience and accessibility
• Ability to analyze (Android, iOS, web) code and employ problem-solving skills to recommend best solution
• Knowledge of mobile accessibility best practices on Android and iOS

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