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Web Developer - $200,000.00


Reston VA,US

This job is expired.

Position Requires a Top Secret (TS/SCI) Clearance with a Polygraph.

The customer is launching an Accessibility initiative to bring its user-facing enterprise technologies into compliance with international IT Accessibility standards outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. The customer requires dedicated front-end development and testing support specializing in Accessible coding, testing, and technical remediation for web applications and websites. The Team will report to the customer’s staff Technical Accessibility Officer, who will manage priorities and requirements. The web developer will provide hands-on support to the customer’s IT teams on Accessible web app coding and end-to-end testing, help the customer’s developers learn and adopt technical practices for Accessible coding and testing, and provide on-demand coaching, consultation, and troubleshooting to the customer’s developers as they work to apply accessible technical standards to applications. They will help the customer’s developers sustainably integrate Accessible technical practices into their regular development or sprint cycles. Includes incorporating Accessibility standards into technical requirements and acceptance criteria and integrating Accessibility testing tools into end-to-end automated testing suites and manual testing procedures. The web developer will also help the customer’s developers remediate accessibility violations in existing web applications and features to address technical “accessibility debt” and help developers learn how to conduct quarterly Accessibility assessments, scoring, and oversight for enterprise applications using the customer’s corporate scoring process. They will also perform development and maintenance (O&M) for a new enterprise Accessibility Metrics Dashboard (AMD) to host Accessibility testing data and scores for the customer’s enterprise applications. The AMD tool must itself comply with WCAG 2.1 standards and be fully accessible.

Estimated Salary:
Position Level: All Levels
Salary Range: Up to $200,000.00 per year

B4Corp Estimated Salary Ranges:
Position Level Min Salary Max Salary
Level 1 – Subject Matter Expert $160,000 $215,000
Level 2 – Expert $140,000 $195,000
Level 3 – Senior $110,000 $170,000
Level 4 – Full Performance $60,000 $100,000

Mandatory Requirements:

1. (Mandatory) Demonstrated experience coding and testing web applications and websites.
2. Demonstrated experience with Angular, Vue, and React frameworks.
3. (Mandatory) Demonstrated experience in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) and accessibility techniques in web development applying HTML5, CSS, ARIA (Accessibility Rich Internet Applications), and JavaScript.
4. (Mandatory) Demonstrated experience with accessibility testing for web applications using both manual and automated tools, such as Tota11y, WAVE, Axe, JAWS Inspect, ARC Toolkit, accessibility linters, and others.

Optional Requirements:

5. (Desired) Bachelor of Science in app development and testing, software programming, or a related field.
6. (Desired) Demonstrated experience leading and mentoring teams of developers and testers to develop web applications in accordance with specific technical requirements, especially Accessibility requirements.
7. (Desired) Demonstrated experience showing strong leadership acumen and the ability to implement a set of strategic goals with minimal direction.

B4CORP Company Information

B4Corp is a small defense contracting company that focuses on providing an optimum environment for mission-focused, highly-skilled consultants to support the United States of America’s intelligence community and other defense organizations. B4Corp provides a low overhead, highly efficient, high salary environment that allows employees to excel at meeting the client’s needs. B4Corp is looking for information technology professionals that have a high sense of personal responsibility, self-motivation, and mission drive.

B4Corp’s dedication and care for its employees is reflected in the outstanding compensation and benefits B4Corp provides. Our salaries are second to none. B4Corp’s benefits reflect the company’s policy of putting the employees first. Our health insurance demonstrates this with 100% employer coverage and providing employees with a plan that has $0 copay, 0% coinsurance and an HSA that can allow employees to accrue health savings for the future. B4Corp’s maximum flexibility comp / makeup time policy, along with the company’s cafeteria-style benefit plan that allows employees to maximize their benefit dollars, reflects B4Corp’s commitment to its employees.


Outstanding Salaries


Full Vanguard 401k Plan – Featuring a full scope of investment options
– 100% employer matched contribution up to 6% of employee’s salary
– Ability to max out 401k savings $57k ($63.5k if over 50)
Employees receive B4Corp phantom stock each year (2-year vesting period)

Insurance 100% Employer-Paid Premiums:

United Health Care Choice Plus HSA POS Gold 1500 w/HSA
– Employer funded HSA to cover 100% health care deductible
– Health insurance: $0 copay, $0 co-insurance. Full scope protection for you and your family!
– 100% employer premium coverage for single and family
Health Equity HSA – B4Corp contributes $1500.00 for single and $3000.00 for family into your Health Equity HSA to cover 100% of your health care deductible.
Mutual of Omaha Dental VSP Vision Insurance Mutual of Omaha short-term disability (60% of salary up to $2,000.00/week)
Mutual of Omaha long-term disability (60% of salary up to $10,000.00/month)
Mutual of Omaha life insurance ($200,000.00)

Employee Referral Bonus:

Refer a friend or a coworker and receive $3,000 per year for every year the person works for B4CORP

Paid Time Off (PTO):

Seven weeks of leave per year (including ten federal holidays)
Ability to purchase 2 additional weeks of vacation
Flexible work schedule with comp time (with customer approval)

Tuition and Training:

Free CBTNuggets Online Training Account
– More than 200 online IT courses on a large variety of topics, including networking, security, virtualization, and the cloud — from trusted vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Google.
– Train anytime, anywhere, and on a variety of devices – even offline!
– Transcender® Practice Exams
– Virtual Labs
Free L inux Academy Online Training Account

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