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Consultation Announcement: Website Accessibility Audit


Queens, New York,USA

we are at Allyada Currently embarking on an ambitious project to map the landscape of website accessibility across the United States. Our mission is to enhance the digital realm, making it universally accessible and inclusive. We believe in the power of collective effort and the invaluable perspective that visually impaired individuals bring to this mission. As such, we are inviting individuals with proven blindness to join us in a consultancy role, contributing to a pivotal study on website accessibility.
Who Can Participate?
•Individuals with documented proof of blindness (e.g., a medical document from a doctor or a certificate from the Commission for the Blind).
•Participants must have access to a laptop for the review process. Alternatively, arrangements can be made to conduct sessions at our office located in Queens.
Project Overview:
•The core of this project involves a comprehensive review of 50 websites to evaluate their accessibility standards.
•The review sessions will be conducted over Zoom and are expected to span approximately 5 hours in total. Depending on the individual's familiarity with computer use, this duration may extend. To accommodate, we will divide the audit into multiple sessions, each ranging between 60-90 minutes.
•Upon successful completion of the website audits, participants will receive compensation of $500.
•Further, we offer the opportunity to connect with an attorney for those who wish to pursue legal action against non-compliant websites. It's our belief that initiating legal complaints is a definitive step towards mandating improvements in website accessibility.
Compensation and Philosophy:
While participants will be compensated for their time and effort, it's essential to understand that our primary objective transcends monetary incentives. Our goal is to foster a more accessible internet for everyone. The compensation serves as an acknowledgment of the time and insight contributed by our consultants to this vital cause.
We are currently seeking participants from the following states:
•New York
•New Jersey
Join Us:
If you are interested in joining this impactful initiative and meet the above criteria, and for more information on how to apply, Please contact Mr. Hasan Tayem at the following email address:
Together, we can take significant strides toward creating an inclusive and accessible online environment for all.
Join us in our mission to make a difference.

Salary Range: $500 - $5000

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